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Global Blockchain Labs. A full stack incubator

GBL delivers a 16-week intensive acceleration programme.

You will have access our in-house programming team to build a product, and our global network of mentors and partners to build a business.

GBL is a full-service accelerator incorporating funding, knowledge sharing and a bespoke acceleration package.

GBL get your blockchain product to market – fast!

Blocklogic worked as a founding partner of the incubator.

The programme:

One: GBL works with you to address the business problem, create an ecosystem of users and build a mvp that will meet the needs of all stakeholders. 

Two:  The process includes the technical build, user testing, and an agile development environment. 

Three:  GBL aims aim to get the product into the hands of your customers as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Positioning you on a trajectory for fast growth.

BlockLogic forms strategic advisory position with ...


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Saturday, 19 June 2021

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